Why Video Ads Are the Future of Advertising

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Video Advertising is The Next Big Thing

If you’ve been even remotely active online the last few months, you wouldn’t have missed the ‘video’ wave that is sweeping through the internet.

Whether it’s your online community, water-cooler conversations, or Facebook posts, everyone wants a slice of the video marketing action, and building an online presence with video seems to be on everybody’s agenda.

1. Video Advertising Reach

Volkswagen with 155 million views for three of its videos is a classic example of the popularity of videos among consumers.

Having the right message and presenting it in an engaging manner helps strike the right balance between promoting your brand and also satisfying the customer curiosity about your brand.

As per Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of text. Considering the high recall power and varying strong pull of audio and video mix in video marketing, there is a greater chance that people will remember it even after 30 days, unlike, say, print advertising.

2. Social Media as an Integral Component of Video Advertising

With more video mediums like Blab & Periscope gaining popularity, the first movers in this space are facing tough competition. This is playing into the hands of marketers and consumers. There are multiple channels to reach your customers and even more flexibility for the customer to pick and choose to see your message.

Vital Statistics

  • Facebook has seen a 50% increase in video views from May to July 2014

  • Vine helps you focus on a particular niche for a lesser span of time

  • Instagram video gives you 15 seconds per clip + the option to apply unique filters

3. Higher Google Ranking through Video

Like written content, videos also include keywords that help users find the v