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Why Video Ads Are the Future of Advertising

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Video Advertising is The Next Big Thing

If you’ve been even remotely active online the last few months, you wouldn’t have missed the ‘video’ wave that is sweeping through the internet.

Whether it’s your online community, water-cooler conversations, or Facebook posts, everyone wants a slice of the video marketing action, and building an online presence with video seems to be on everybody’s agenda.

1. Video Advertising Reach

Volkswagen with 155 million views for three of its videos is a classic example of the popularity of videos among consumers.

Having the right message and presenting it in an engaging manner helps strike the right balance between promoting your brand and also satisfying the customer curiosity about your brand.

As per Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of text. Considering the high recall power and varying strong pull of audio and video mix in video marketing, there is a greater chance that people will remember it even after 30 days, unlike, say, print advertising.

2. Social Media as an Integral Component of Video Advertising

With more video mediums like Blab & Periscope gaining popularity, the first movers in this space are facing tough competition. This is playing into the hands of marketers and consumers. There are multiple channels to reach your customers and even more flexibility for the customer to pick and choose to see your message.

Vital Statistics

  • Facebook has seen a 50% increase in video views from May to July 2014

  • Vine helps you focus on a particular niche for a lesser span of time

  • Instagram video gives you 15 seconds per clip + the option to apply unique filters

3. Higher Google Ranking through Video

Like written content, videos also include keywords that help users find the video. However, there are other video metrics which can help video clips rank higher than written content, including:

  • User Engagement: longer the viewing time, greater is the user engagement.

  • Greater user interaction via comments

  • Social Shares

  • Higher Subscription Rate

  • More mentions

  • Higher percentage of ‘watch later’ occurrences

Google released a real-time option for this year’s Super Bowl which allowed brands to insert video ads across YouTube as well as 2 million partner sites to strategically be a part of the game’s defining moments.

Interactive video advertising

Interactive video includes options to give the user the choice to view what he wishes to. It is an excellent way to help the user engage in a meaningful manner.

As a recent example, Coldplay released an interactive video which gives the viewer a real-time choice to pick the way one views the video.

4. Video is more appealing to the user than TV and Print

Unlike TV and print which are for the masses, you can create multiple versions for far less cost and with a higher reach.

In fact, did you know that the use of video as a primary medium of information has shot up by 16% in the last 4 years, and that this number is only going to go up in the next decade?

Average viewing time and viewership frequency determine how well a video clip has performed vis-à-vis the competition and the different ways in which it can customized for the audience.

Video platforms like You Tube, Vine, Instagram, Blab, Periscope each deliver different formats of video, demonstrating that there is a huge market for every type of video format.

5. Video is directly related to purchase decisions

Video plays a critical role in every step of the purchase process by the consumer. From initial awareness to checkout, consumers invest in learning more about the product before making a purchase.

  • 58% trust companies that produce video content

  • 42% of consumers want to see more product description videos

  • 57% consumers want videos on electronics

  • 39% watch videos of restaurants

  • 70% watch videos while watching TV

  • 83% want videos to be of 5 minutes or less that are funny but logical and a 360 degree view of the product.

Once you have the consumer data ready, preparing a proper video marketing strategy is vital to execute it well.

6. The Future of Video Advertising

Video marketing is a step in the right direction as far as marketing is concerned. An example of this is Magisto, a smart video storytelling application that has introduced a new technology called Smart Storyboard TM that impacts production value, defines screen selection, & polishes the message without having to perform video editing and production.

This will not only help reduce the time spent on creating high quality videos, but also assists small businesses in changing their perspective with regards to a lot of work involved in developing a video advertisement.

The sight, sound, motion and the high quality experience of watching video creates a positive viewer response to videos. With more video applications appearing in the online space, there is even more intense competition to gain consumer attention and keep viewers hooked. Have you tried video marketing?

Hire us and get ahead in the game.

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